Travis Paulson

Affectionately known as the other brother, Travis Paulson is the missing link that brings the R.E. Powell & Seaport family full circle. Highly accomplished, yet unassuming, Travis has unwavering tenacity and commitment that translates into extraordinary accomplishments.

Travis learned at the ripe age of 18 if he wanted to succeed, he needed to put forth the effort. A graduate of the University of Washington, he happily swept floors for the family business- Seaport Petroleum- to pay for college tuition. By the time he graduated, he had performed every job in the company.

Degree in hand, Travis went to work for Kimberly Clark Corporation where he entered the executive training program. A robust work ethic and strong intellect allowed Travis to move quickly up through the company. And in just 8 years, he was overseeing the Asia Pacific and Latin America territory. The youngest business analyst in the company was now traveling to Japan, Latin America, Mexico and South America regularly.

In 2007, Travis left Kimberly Clark to return to the family business where he saw an opportunity to grow in ways unimaginable. In three short years after combining forces with R.E. Powell, Seaport has grown from $10 million in sales to almost $100 million in sales.

An excellent team member and leader, Travis’s first love is his family, followed closely by the outdoors. On the rare chance he’s not working, he’s with his wife and two children, probably taking in a hike through Washington State.

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