Tina Hampton

Tina Hampton may not be the first one to join the team in big game hunting, but don’t let her soft demeanor and gentle spirit fool you. With over a decade spent mastering the strategies and techniques behind commodity trading, Tina is a tough, business savvy professional who continues to teach the team a thing or two.

Tina’s expertise was earned through over 18 years spent in commodities, where she focused primarily on the grain and corn trade. Her transition to fuels 14 years ago was met with excitement, as R.E. Powell was one of her customers and many had grown accustomed to her bright, bubbly personality and spot-on business insight. Since joining the Powell Christensen team, Tina’s contribution as Fuel Supply and Risk Marketing manager has proved invaluable. Her expertise has helped the company and its customers make better decisions while streamlining purchasing strategies for more efficient and cost effective outcomes.

With a large extended family, including 10 grandchildren, Tina has more than a few explanations for the beaming smile that can always be found on her face. She loves her work, but still claims she hasn’t found anything quite as rewarding as spending time just being “grandma”.

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