Our Team

Gary Christensen – CEO

Gary Christensen doesn’t know what it means to take shortcuts in life or in business. With a passion for hunting that has taken him all over the world, his coveted trophy room has over 140 specimens on display. As a regular contributor to Safari Club magazine, he enjoys sharing his expertise for hunting with enthusiasts everywhere. For Gary, the fuel that drives his success at hunting is the same that drives his business acumen- instinct.

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Tony Christensen – President & COO

With humble beginnings, Tony Christensen discovered early in life how much he enjoyed strategizing. A prankster at heart, he brings a rare blend of fun and expertise to the industry that’s contagious. With a dynamic personality and drive that rivals an Olympic athlete, Tony effortlessly engages those around him with his enthusiasm for pursuing complex challenges. Whether it’s learning to speak Thai or conquering a Christmas Eve ski trip, he faces adversity head on, never uttering, “It can’t be done”.

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Dan Breen – CFO

As the eldest of 10 children, Dan learned three important skills early in life: responsibility, hard work and the value of collaboration. Those three skills have served him well through a successful professional career.

With a Bachelor of Business Administration from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia and a Chartered Accountant designation from the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, Dan has held a variety of prominent positions in Canada, England, and the United States. His longest term was a 17-year period with Irving Oil Ltd., where he filled various operational and financial roles before becoming Corporate Controller in 2007.

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Justin Christensen – General Manager, Branded Fuels

For Justin Christensen, “More solutions, less friction” isn’t just a company tagline, but a way of life. With three children under the age of 10, this outdoor enthusiast and full time dad prefers to spend his time making things easier rather than more complicated.

Justin joined the Powell Christensen team in 2003, quickly moving from C-Store Manager to Territory Sales Manager and Director of Sales and Marketing to his current role as Vice President, Customer Experience. With an innate ability to manage the company’s touch points with each and every customer effortlessly, he has proven to be an invaluable asset both within the company and outside in the community.

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Travis Paulson – General Manager, Commercial Western WA/span>

Affectionately known as the other brother, Travis Paulson is the missing link that brings the R.E. Powell & Seaport family full circle. Highly accomplished, yet unassuming, Travis has unwavering tenacity and commitment that translates into extraordinary accomplishments.

Travis learned at the ripe age of 18 if he wanted to succeed, he needed to put forth the effort. A graduate of the University of Washington, he happily swept floors for the family business- Seaport Petroleum- to pay for college tuition. By the time he graduated, he had performed every job in the company.

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Tina Hampton – Fuel Supply and Risk Marketing Manager

Tina Hampton may not be the first one to join the team in big game hunting, but don’t let her soft demeanor and gentle spirit fool you. With over a decade spent mastering the strategies and techniques behind commodity trading, Tina is a tough, business savvy professional who continues to teach the team a thing or two.

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Carl Singleton – General Manager, Common Carrier

Carl Singleton is a powerful business driver whose spirit of ownership and clarity of vision have carried multiple companies through rapid and continuous growth. Recognizing that the only constant is change and continuous improvement is the only path, Carl never accepts “this is the way it has always been done.”

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Michael E. Ashbaker – General Manager, Commercial Oregon & Eastern, WA

Mike attributes his work ethic to the time he spent working on his uncle’s farm in Idaho during the summers of his junior high and high school years. His figure it out and get the job done attitude has allowed him to enjoy various roles throughout his career. Mike joined our team in the fall of 2016 after being attracted to our family-ran company’s values and vision.

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